18 Things I Did On My 18th Birthday

As told by Disney because what screams “#Adult” like a collection of my favorite childhood characters.

1. Ate cake for breakfast


2. Caught Pokémon

 200 (1)

3. Danced in a car (part 1)

200 (6)

4. Tried a new type of sushi

200 (8)

5. Received the perfect dorm room pillow

200 (17)

6. Drank my *favorite* Oreo milkshake with a shot of espresso. Try it. Your life will be changed.

200 (9)

7. Danced in a car (part 2)

200 (5)

8. Got a new shirt

200 (10)

9. Danced in public

200 (7)

10. Got my lucky charm permanently added to my body (thanks paul!)

200 (11)

11. Danced in the tattoo parlor

200 (3)

12. Took some pictures

200 (16)

13. Danced in the grocery store

200 (4)

14. Hiked through Oakland

200 (12)

15. Sat on a hill for 5 hours

200 (13)

16. Watched Inside Out outside

200 (14)

17. Laughed/Cried

200 (15)

18. Danced my way back home

200 (2)


It was a birthday I’ll never forget. (I couldn’t even if I wanted to, there’s a permanent reminder on the back of my left shoulder 😉 ) Now that I’m an adult and have to do scary grownup things, it was great to have a fun care-free day with my friends before things got too serious.

Thank to everyone for the love and warm wishes on my 18th! Now I’m off to the animal shelter to adopt ALL the puppies because no one can stop me!



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