DCP Bucket List

Hello my friends, it is finally July! Which means the greatest month of the year has finally arrived. No, I’m not biased because it’s my birthday month (okay, maybe a little), but July also means that I only have one month until I move back to Florida and start working for the mouse, and the excitement could not be more real!

As my check in date quickly approached, my mind has focused on one thing, and one thing only: Disney. In the midst of crafting gifts for my roommates, and binging DCP Vlogs on YouTube, I started coming up with things I want to experience and accomplish during my five months there. My situation’s a unique one, since I get to live in The City Beautiful all year round, so my bucket list isn’t quite like those I’ve come across thus far. Since obtaining my annual pass, I’ve been able to see and do some really cool things, so I want to specify things I have not yet tried.


Without further ado, here’s my finalized bucket list of things to experience and waste money on during my Fall 2017 Disney College Program.

  1. Keep track of every park, ride, or show I experience to tally up at the end
  2. Visit all four parks in one day
  3. Get a FastPass+ for every ride once
  4. Wait in line for every ride once (commit or quit, baby)
  5. Enter and leave each park with a smile
  6. Pick up shifts at all six parks, as well as Disney Springs
  7. Have a picnic in the hub grass (hub grass n chill?)
  8. Eat my way through EPCOT’s Food and Wine festival
  9. Celebrate a Very Merry Unbirthday with all of my roommates
  10. Attended both the Halloween and Christmas parties as a guest, and an employee
  11. Do a photo-shoot in every park (it’s me, remember?)
  12. Face my fear of birds at Animal Kingdom
  13. Stay-cation!
  14. Take a tour
  15. Have as many characters as possible sign a canvas for my bedroom
  16. Disneyland (maybe, possibly, I don’t know)
  17. Get paid to watch Star Wars a Galactic Spectacular fireworks at least once
  18. Visit the Tupperware Museum
  19. VoluntEAR at Orlando Pride and Give Kids the World
  20. Take a class and network the heck out of my time there
  21. Step outside of my comfort zone
  22. Make as many magical moments as possible
  23. Sneak up on all my roommates at work
  24. VLOG my entire adventure! (which you can keep up with here)

I know, I know, it’s a pretty hefty list, but living ten minutes from the magic will allow me the exposure to many memorable experiences. Here’s to hoping I even complete half the items on the list while I am there! I guess we will check back in January to see the progress made to determine if I am the true Queen of Disney World.

Until next time,



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