Professional Packer, At Your Service

I feel like I have spent the past year packing, and it has become one of my least favorite past times. This time last year, I had to pack up my whole life to get it ready to ship down to Florida. As soon as I had everything unpacked and situated, I was repacking to come home this fall. Rinse and repeat for winter break, and again for spring break and summer. At this point, I should just live out of a suitcase for simplicity sake. And here we are again, getting ready to head back down to Florida, and my bedroom has turned into a collection unit for piles and piles of objects getting ready to find their new home.

Actually, I’d be lying if I said I was already prepping for my upcoming move. Honestly, my room’s just a mess, but that’s the perfect excuse for the chaotic state that it’s in right now. Yet as I approach my sixth packing adventure of the year, it might be easy to assume that I’m a pro by now. I wish it were that easy.

This time around, packing is a little bit harder. Although a majority of my belongings are already in Orlando, I need to fit everything I need in two checked bags and a carry on. What is everything? Beats me. That’s the hard part. I have zero clue as to when I’ll be home next, so wrapping my head around the items I might need for the next year or so is stressing me out. Oh, and I leave in 24 days.

Here’s to figuring it all out, and PRAYING that my suitcases don’t exceed the 50 lb weight limit. Fingers crossed!


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